Foot Care

Therapeutic agent for corns & calluses(Exfoliant)

NICHIBAN/SPEEL-KO One-touch EX(Sole M · Sole L, Finger M · Finger L)

Country of origin Japan 
Content 12sheet 
Release date since1931 
Price ¥950+tax 
Category Category 2 OTC drug 

<Product Features>

  • ■for corns & calluses

Product information

  • SPEEL-KOOne-touch EX is a dermatologic agent, using keratin softening and dissolution action of salicylic acid (exfoliant). It softens thick and stiff skin and removes corns, calluses, and warts. In addition,
  • the size is adjustable with the attached adjustment patch so that the agent is attached only to the affected spot. Secure the pad using the attached tape.

How to use

  • ① If the radius of the affected area is 7mm or less, apply a skin protection sticker with the same size, or a slightly smaller, hole.
  • ② Stick the medication pad firmly and directly over the skin protection sticker.
  • ③ Secure the pad using the attached tape. Replace it with a fresh medication every 2-3 days.
  • ④ Remove the whitened corneum using a pair of tweezers.